Fortify pieAutomate dynamic security testing for applications (DAST) with HP WebInspect to be able to scan more code, faster and with better results. Employed by professional security testers, WebInspect goes beyond the Black Box tests for a comprehensive coverage of the applications.

WebInspect is an automated and configurable solution that puts applications and web services to the test in a dynamic way, promptly and precisely identifying security vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Furthermore, it assists units for application development to share best practices with the aim to protect the key entry points in cyber attacks.


  • Web API and web services of security testing that contribute to your company.
  • Security testing of web applications from development to production.
  • Manage, view and share easily results and security testing records.
  • Enable a more ample life cycle adoption through the automation of security.
  • Increase security understanding company-wide.
  • Verify consistency with regulations and security policies.