Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks® is a leading firm in next generation network security.

Its groundbreaking platform allows companies, service providers and government entities to protect their network through a safe enablement of a more complex and increasing number of applications that are executed in their networks and delivering prevention in light of cybernetic threats.

The Palo Alto Networks platform core are their next generation firewalls, which offers visibility and application, user and content control comprehensively in the firewall through its exclusive hardware and software architecture.

Palo Alto Networks products are used by more than 12,500 clients in more than 100 countries.

  • To identify and control applications anywhere.
  • It conducts identification of users.
  • To decipher the SSL outbound traffic and to control the SSH.
  • To manage systematically unknown traffic.
  • To browse looking for virus and malware in all the applications and every port.
  • To permit an equal visibility of applications and the same control for all users and devices.
  • To streamline network security instead of making it more complex, adding the applications control.
  • To deliver the same capacity and efficiency with a total control of applications.
  • To provide functional control of applications.
  • To sustain the same firewall functions both in hardware format and virtually.

Protocol Detection & Decryption


Integrates with Enterprise Directory
eg: LDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory


Threat Managment
Content Filtering