Our  flagship platform of the Enterprise Firewall,FortiGate, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factor to adapt itslef into any enviroment and offers a large number of network functions and a state of the art security. Complementay products can be implemented with a FortiGate to allow a simplified seurity infrastructure from endpoint to endpoint that contains:

  • Network security: – Protect the entire attack surface from headquarters to branches with advanced security.
  • Multi-cloud security: complete visibility and control in the cloud that enables secure applications and connectivity.
  • Secure Access: Offer secure applications, device access and administration without compromising performance and speed.
  • Security operations: implement advanced threat information to detect, prevent and respond to sophisticated malware and improve security awareness.
  • Network operations: take advantage of an intelligent security strategy that prioritizes network operations based on automation that detect and prevent network violations.
  • Endpoint and device protection: proactive protection, visibility and control for all endpoints and devices throughout the network.
  • Application security: Protect your company’s critical web applications with an integrated suite of products to stop advanced threats