Malicious software has evolved in such a way that now is not only a matter of large scale massive attacks, but besides includes targeted attacks and advanced constant threats that no antivirus alone can stop.

Is time to acquire more than antivirus protection. The unique capacity of Symantec to deliver intelligent security grasps the largest collective knowledge of the network in the world Global Intelligence Network (GIN), which puts together data from millions of users and sensors. Derivative from GIN, the exceptional InsightTM technology of SymantecTM Endpoint Protection blocks the mutant threats and enables fast analysis since it analyzes the reputation of a file. In the meantime, SONARTM technology stops the threats from zero-day through real time monitoring of file behavior. By means of a single powerful agent which integrates intelligent security technologies, like a powerful antivirus and policy blocking, SymantecTM Endpoint Protection allows to focus in business without affecting neither security nor performance.

System Blocking

It controls the applications through black and white advanced listing.

Application control

It monitors and controls the application behavior.

Devices control
It restricts and enables access to hardware that can be used.
Host integrity
It guarantees that the end points are protected and comply with standards.

It stops the targeted attacks and advanced threats persistent with the ability of intelligent security and layer protection that outweighs the limits of the antivirus.

The protection feature against network threats analyzes the inbound data flows arriving to the user unit through network connections and blocks the threats before they attack the system.

SymantecTM Endpoint Protection detects and eliminates more threats than any other solution of its kind, and obtained reiterated times AAA rating, the maximum qualification granted en antivirus tests in the real world conducted by Dennis Labs.