TrapX is a leading provider for cyber security solutions based on both, the cloud and physically in the facilities, which reinforces the companies IT ecosystems and reduce the violation risk, data theft and pricey damages.

TrapX 360 uses a virtualized sensor which detects zero-day attack malware as well as next generation malware and entraps them through Honey Pots, before the malicious software could substantially damage the client information.

With the Trapx 360 security intelligence management, companies can detect and analyze the zero-day attack threats and undetected malware in use by the most destructive global organizations. It allows to build risk profiles, block attacks and automatically repair inflicted damage en IT ecosystems.

Main characteristics:

  • Virtualized Honeypot sensors.
  • Sandbox analysis.
  • Event comprehensive management.
  • Threat intelligence.
  • Botnet detection and enhanced threat intelligence.

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