Through the Security Operations Center of Delta Networks Systems we can provide a general overview of its technological infrastructure security.

Security Operations Center

This service is mainly oriented to security and network devices, considered as mission-critical systems. Through our NOC/SOC, we guarantee the correct operability and refrain from future failure or intrusions; conducting monitoring, notification and management of your devices.

Our services are based in a proven methodology, through a reception dashboard and real time event analysis.

Our Engineers adhere to the best and most updated ITIL practices enabling compliance with the following aspects:

ITIL Processes

  • To provide an adequate quality administration.
  • To enhance efficiency.
  • To align business processes and IT infrastructure.
  • To reduce risks associated to IT services.
Servicios DNS

Security Behavior Check

Security Behavior Check

Our services are conducted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to furnish a value that enables an extended scope to your organization.

Monitor Services Administrative Services
Alert notice X X
Customizable alerts X X
Incident reporting system X X
Real time event dashboard X X
Executive reports X X
Devices changes X
Consultancy and changes analysis X
Devices inspection X
Security Notices X